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About this website:


COVID 19 separated patients and residents from loved ones, as well as representatives of their faith/belief traditions. In hospital, hospice, healthcare and living facilities there is a need for appropriate words of comfort for the isolated, ill and dying. This website seeks to bridge healthcare workers and lay people with this spiritual need, providing verses, poems and prayers to be printed, laminated or read from the phone. Recognizing that carers have time pressures enough, short writings are also included, taking less than a minute to be read aloud. In the "For Children" section, there are resources for those who may find comfort beyond spoken words, in music and coloring pages.


This website began in a course at Union Presbyterian Seminary, Charlotte NC and was initially shaped through the gracious participation of Interfaith Partners of SC and allies. If you would like to submit writings for consideration, please use the online form. All works included are in the public domain or used with permission. Please let us know if this is not the case.

Blessings and peace be with you,


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