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I believe the flow of grace is circular: receiving and giving, blessing and mercy, healing and wholeness, receiving and giving—and so it goes. Grace abounds. Grace surrounds. 

May the grace we experience flow through us, ever outward, ever onward to others, to our communities, and to the wider world. Like a drop of rain, flowing back to the ocean. In and through the flow, we are blessed.

May it be so. (Cynthia Cebuhar)


For All the Gifts:

For all the gifts of life I have received

I give thanks.

To the mother who bore me, to the father who seeded me,

to the ones who held me, rocked me, nursed me, who fed and taught and nurtured me,

to those who played and danced and laughed with me, to those who pleasured me and touched me,

to those who challenged me, To those who love me, To the ones who shared my life and to whom I have given life, to each animal and plant whose life I have eaten. To the sun and moon and stars, to the moving air, the flowing water, to the earth who sustained me and will receive me. I give thanks.

Now I make room for something new. Now it is my turn to feed, to nourish, to become soil where roots of strong trees may flourish. (from The Pagan Book of Living and Dying)

A cry of the soul:

What kind of place is this into which I have come?

It has no water; it has no air; it is unfathomably deep;

It is black as the blackest night, and people wander in it helplessly.

How can I find contentment here when it is impossible to satisfy the longings of love?

And the reply from Atum:

I shall give you spiritual radiance in place of cakes and beer;

Peace of heart in place of the gratification of desire;

And you shall look upon my face and you shall lack nothing.

(Coming Forth By Day, by Jeremy Naydler, found in Temple of the Cosmos)

Bright Soul:

(For Pagans dealing with effects of COVID-19)

Bright soul, spinning off into the night,

Merry meet!

Despite the painful journey and separation from rites,

YOU go on in so many ways,

Through many folk, many thoughts, many hearts.

The hands you touch, ideas you share,

Conversations over coffee and cake – or cookies – or strawberries and cream,

Over tea – sometimes scones and jam.

Ideas questioned, dissected,

Charms, spells woven into the fabric of Being.

All spun new, outward,

Into worlds beyond,

Goddess and God blessing memories,

Into the Summerlands and onward.

Courageous, curious, thrice-blesséd one,

Oh, you open minds, challenge walls,

Tread fearlessly on paths that others shun.

Bright soul, spinning out into the light

Deeply thankful are we for sharing this round.

Stay if you will, go if you must.

Your brilliance is honored in this time and space.

Blessed be. (© M. L. Meggs, 2020)

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